Happy New Year to our families!

At our Christmas Concert I shared that my prayer was for every child and parent to feel HOPE in 2024…

My goal is that Culver School District provides you with hope as we provide an education to your child.

We have many opportunities and programs and as your child increases in age, you will become aware of each building and what they offer.  One of the most important things you can do at the elementary level, is to read with them, do math with them, and spend time with them- devices off.  In middle school, stay involved in their lives even though they will attempt to push you out.  Create expectations that they will complete their homework and attend school.  This is a crucial age for them to build self-discipline.  Spend time with them- devices off.  And at the high school, you only have a few years left to influence them before they become an adult.  Keep those firm boundaries, keep the high expectations for both grades AND attendance.  Spend time with them- devices off.

Our district is also focusing on soft skills this year:

·   Attentive, mindful communication

·   Real World- life, social, & career ready skills

·   Integrity, character, & confidence

·   A driven purpose

We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with you in raising your children, wishing HOPE to you in the upcoming year!

Stefanie Garber