Ready to become a  VOLUNTEER COACH?

According to OSAA requirements, you cannot interact with any sport participant until all the criteria listed below has been completed.


  1. Speak with the High School or Middle School Athletic Director and the Coach you wish to volunteer for to get their approval.
  2. Create an account with NFHS
  3. Notify Athletic Secretary of your intention to volunteer.  Please include the NFHS email address you created in step 2,  so that your completions can be                                                       tracked and reported to the Coach and AD.
  4.  Complete a Background Check and Volunteer Application (see at right). This must be completed every 2 years.
  5. Complete the required OSAA Trainings/Certifications listed below for the school indicated.
  6. Once you have completed all required trainings/certifications, please notify Athletic Secretary that your eligibility can be tracked and reported to the                                                                 coach and Athletic Director.
  7. If you have already completed any of the requirements, please email Nancy Bolhuis with a list of what you have  completed.


OSAA Trainings and certifications for HIGH SCHOOL COACHES

    If you are going to volunteer as a High School Coach you must complete required training /certification listed for the sport you intend to coach per OSAA.

    Click here for the Descriptions of these Trainings and the Direct Links.



    Osaa trainings and certifications for MIDDLE SCHOOL COACHES
    • Concussion in Sports- Annual, Every Year
    • Middle School Football – “Heads Up Football” Certification required

    Click here for the Descriptions of these Trainings and the Direct Links.


    High School Athletic Secretary               

    Betty Nitschelm



    Middle School Athletic Secretary

    Mindi Hoke

    Need assistance?

    Please contact Nancy Bolhuis for assistance at or 541-546-2541.