Position #2 is currently vacant (Dave Slaght).  The board secretary is receiving applications from anyone interested in serving on the school board.  Applicants must be over 18 years of age and a registered voter that has resided in the Culver School District for at leat one year.  Applicants may not be an officer or employee of the district.

School boards are responsible for setting policy, goals and overseeing the financial health of the district.  The successful candidate will serve until the next election cycle in the spring of 2021.  For more information call board secretary, Pam Halbert, at 541-546-2541.

Application deadline is Friday, August 9, 2019.

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Position #2


Seth Taylor


Position #5


Scott Leeper


Position #4


Mike Knepp


Position #1


Bob Buckner


Position #3





Guiding Principles

  • We believe it is our district's responsibility to increase achievement for all students and narrow the achievement gap.                                 
  • ​We believe ALL students need to be challenged with a broad range of learning opportunities.
  • We believe we need to provide prudent stewardship of district resources to best support student success, district stability, and high quality staff.
  • We believe in operating with a high level of integrity and honesty.
  • We believe​ our community's input is essential to our progress.

Board Goals

1.   Maintain a focus on TEAMS/STEM based learning and be a district recognized & distinguished          for innovation.

2.   Improve and maintain the educational platform to produce college & career ready citizens.

3.   Develop and sustain active involvement in building respect and earning trust from the                    community.

4.   Develop and sustain a positive upbeat culture that promotes hard work, progressive                      strategies, innovation, safety, creativity, fun and teamwork.


2018-19  Approved Budget




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