Participants are expected to model exemplary behavior and shall demonstrate characteristics in keeping with the accepted standards of good citizenship.

The mission of extra-curricular activities is to provide students with the opportunities that enhance the total educational experience

In pursuit of this mission Culver School District will:
• Offer programs that will develop a healthy self-concept in the participants.
• Give participants a sense of human interdependence, develop civic awareness and involvement.
• Expose students to other communities, cultures, and lifestyles.
• Provide students with activities that develop self-discipline in emotional and stressful situations.
• Stress positive sportsmanship in all programs.
• Help students develop techniques to set and reach personal and team goals.
• Provide programs that will give students an outlet for competition

Extra-curricular activity policy

The Culver School District Board of Directors recognizes extra-curricular programs are an important part of the school experience; however, priority must be placed on academics. The Board encourages participation, in extra-curricular activities, but demands academic success prior to participation. The Board recognizes participating students as being ambassadors of our school, and as such they are expected to behave themselves in a manner that is beyond reproach at all extra-curricular activities.