Dear Families and Community Members:   

Autumn is such a transitional time of year:  falling leaves, colder temperatures, time change, Veteran’s Day, turning our clocks forward, conferences, report cards, and Thanksgiving Break & Holiday.

This fall marks my 16th year as your elementary principal and my 8th year as your superintendent and I am impressed by the privilege it is to spend this many years with families & the Culver community.  I have watched the babies that were born in my first years, start school and grow up.  I have watched the young elementary students mature into exceptional teenagers exploring their world.  I feel very blessed to share your children with you and I would like to say thank you!

I am grateful for:

·       Excellent staff members with whom I completely trust your children.

·       Volunteers who do so much for our schools.

·       PTO members who never cease in giving.

·       Students who are full of hope and caring!

·       A School Board of Directors that put students first in all of their decision making.

·       Beautiful new facilities that improved systems, safety, & space.

·       Opportunities in all shapes and sizes for students to learn about their world.

·       The fact that I still can’t wait to get to work every day.

·       A community who supports and nurtures the children.

·       Parents who are excellent role models.

·       Parents who set aside the busy world to put their children first and give them a strong environment of stability and support.

·       Every day I get to spend with your children.


Warm Regards,


Stefanie Garber

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