Buses will be Running on Snow Routes Today, Thursday, February 22, 2018.

School Will Start at the Normal Time.


Click here for snow routes


Please check back for updates prior to scheduled pick-up or school start times.  Thank you!

Culver Elementary Staff/Classrooms

Last Name First Name Email Assignment Website Link
Heckathorn Molly mheckathorn@culver.k12.or.us Admin. Asst.  
Garber Stefanie sgarber@culver.k12.or.us Principal  
Zistel Michelle mzistel@culver.k12.or.us Title Programs & School Improvement  
Bautista Maria mbaustista@culver.k12.or.us 1st Grade  
Brouillard Becky bbrouill@culver.k12.or.us 5th Grade Brouillard's classes
Brown Bonnie bbrown@culver.k12.or.us 2nd Grade  
Burns Bailey bburns@culver.k12.or.us 2nd Grade  
Davenport Katie kdavenport@culver.k12.or.us 1st Grade  
Fritz Jamie jfritz@culver.k12.or.us Kindergarten  
Herringshaw Carolyn cherring@culver.k12.or.us 3rd Grade  
Ivie Daryl divie@culver.k12.or.us 3rd Grade  
Nanez Shelli snanez@culver.k12.or.us Kindergarten  
Neault Cassandra cneault@culver.k12.or.us 5th Grade  
Rahi Keri krahi@culver.k12.or.us 4th Grade  
Teater Becky bteater@culver.k12.or.us 4th Grade  
Teaching Support        
Chapman Jill jchapman@culver.k12.or.us Art  
Gibson Sharon sgibson@culver.k12.or.us Music  
Dionne Emily edionne@jcsd.net Speech  
Leach Jaymie jleach@culver.k12.or.us Family Services  
Maloney Anne amaloney@culver.k12.or.us ILS Teacher  
Spinelli John jspinelli@culver.k12.or.us PE  
Tignor Suzy stignor@culver.k12.or.us Special Ed  
VanAlstyne Heather hvanalstyne@culver.k12.or.us K-5 ESOL  
Support Staff        
Bautista Carino cbautista@culver.k12.or.us ESOL & Title Ed Asst  
Chapman Abby achapman@culver.k12.or.us ILS Assistant  
Christopherson Tiffany tchristopherson@culver.k12.or.us ILS Assistant  
Cummings Larraine lcummings@culver.k12.or.us ILS Assistant  
Knepp Correy cknepp@jcsd.net Speech Asst  
Leeper Angi aleeper@culver.k12.or.us Ed Assistant  
Leeper Angi aleeper@culver.k12.or.us Ed Assistant  
McWilliams Victoria vmcwilliams@culver.k12.or.us Ed Assistnat  
Nielsen Kara knielsen@culver.k12.or.us Nurse  
Orey Olivia oorey@culver.k12.or.us Ed Assistant  
Reese Katie kjreese@culver.k12.or.us Ed Assistant  
Russo Lili lrusso@culver.k12.or.us Ed Assistant  
St. Clair Charlotte cstclair@culver.k12.or.us Library  
Thomas Jenny jthomas@culver.k12.or.us ILS Assistnat  
Urbach Darlene durbach@culver.k12.or.us Ed Assistnat  


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